Is this a good quote?

At first glance this quote is warm and fuzzy and provides a positive message. Not so fast! Are you really reading what it says? Or are you just accepting at face value this is an uplifting quote? Let’s break this down and take a deeper look…

.”Let go of those that bring you down” suggests to pay no attention to those whom you have conflict with. In reality, when you are experiencing conflict with others the proper response would be to stop and take a look at your feelings. Why are you letting what others say bring you down? What in their attitude resonates within yourself? As human beings we are so quick to misjudge that someone else is making us feel in some kind of way. In truth, it’s a belief or misconception inside of ourselves that is uncomfortable with what is being said. No one can make you feel, you own your feelings.

Secondly, “surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you” is again one of those human traits we tend to do. Physically this feels good, but this can only work for a short time. We need provoking challenges for mental and spiritual growth. To barricade ourselves against anything uncomfortable is to stifle our whole reason for being here and if we are surrounded only by positives we shift out of balance.

OK, so I can hear you asking. What should we do!? Embrace those that challenge you and raise your levels of discomfort.Take a closer look at your feelings. How does this make you feel? What memory or event in your life is this resonating with? Isn’t it time to deal with your emotions instead of doing what you have always done…bury them deeper, smoke them away, drink them away, stuff them down with more food, (insert distracting habit of choice here), etc? Take control of your feelings and emotions and then you can celebrate your life by teaching your loved ones.

Peace and Love,



National Guild of Hypnotist Convention

Attending the NGH Convention: 5 Great Tips for Business Growth

Oh I know! I do know how time consuming it can be getting ready for the NGH Convention. You’ve booked your flight and room; you’ve put your business and even your family on hold to attend this event. You’ve dog-eared the pages of the Convention manual, looking over the training that interests you for weeks.

Is this really worth it? I mean after all, you’ve joined all the social media sites to meet people.  And there are tons of programs available online to learn from. Why should you go through the hassle and expense of attending this live event.

You bet it is worth it! Because attending the NGH Convention is so much more than networking and learning. You get to be in the company of people just like yourself, who do what you do, and who “get you”. Something a little magical happens when you are in the presence of the leaders of our profession. All of our hard work creates a synergy that lifts us all up together. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just as rewarding and has the same “wow” factor as watching one of your clients during their transformational discoveries. Here are 5 great tips to help you get the most out of attending the NGH Convention.

Ask yourself these questions. Do I have all the clients I can handle? Are all my sessions as successful as they could be? Have I reached my potential income for my demographic area? How do I want to improve my business in the next year? Make a list of the areas you need to improve in your business: marketing, skill building, specialized workshops, creating products, etc.

  1. Attend a variety of workshops. When choosing which workshops to attend, don’t just attend the easy workshops, and make sure you cover all areas where your business needs improved. It’s fun to take the classes where you shine and are comfortable, it’s better to take the ones where your business needs improvement. Bonus: Take one workshop for personal growth. You are focused on building your business, and I get it, but sometimes it needs to be all about you.
  2.  Create some down time in your schedule each day. I know there are so many classes to take! And you want to cram in as much as you can. You’ve eaten your spinach and taken your vitamins and you are ready for a marathon weekend of learning. Right? Wrong! If you push too hard and stack your workshops too tightly together with no down time you will be burnt out by Sunday morning. I can almost guarantee you won’t make every workshop on your list by the 3rd day! I’ve tried, it just doesn’t happen.
  3. Make sure you are resting each day and practicing a little mind clearing self-hypnosis will do you good too, after all you ARE a hypnotist. Bonus: Wear COMFORTABLE shoes. There is a direct path between your feet and your learning brain. Pain will block that path and keep you from learning!
  4. Meet and include new people. It’s great to socialize with old friends each year, and be in the company of the folks who really understand what you go through. This year make a point to have lunch or dinner with someone you have admired or wanted to meet. And include those “new to the business” people by asking them to join you as well. I’ve always been proud to be part of the NGH and some of the friendliest and most helpful people in the world.
  5. Take plenty and give away business cards. I’ve brought back so many cards previously I wasn’t sure they would fit into my luggage. Make sure you write a little something about the giver on the card when you get it to remind you why you took it. If it’s someone just wanting my newsletter I mark the card with an N. It keeps me from staring blankly at the card the week after Convention trying to recall the givers face and why I have the card. If it’s someone I want to contact I mark with a C and a reminder why.

Oh I almost forgot…there will be plenty of people running around with a 5-PATH® button or logo of some sort. If you don’t know, be sure and ask them what 5-PATH® is all about. They will be happy to share! In October I will be teaching 5PATH® Certification in Orlando. Details are here:

Next time I will share tips on what to do with all the material you bring back and how to organize it so that it’s useful. In the meantime have a great NGH Convention experience! Be sure and head over to my fan page and “like” it.

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Tina Shafer BCH, CI, CPHI

Walking the Labyrinth

For many years I’ve been interested in labyrinth’s, even toying with the idea once of designing one for my back yard up north. On this morning I was delighted to find myself within walking distance of a very well tended labyrinth on the church grounds near where I had volunteered to help with a food bank vegetable garden. Pulling weeds early in the morning has always been therapy for me, and today I needed more than my dedicated hour. As I stood up and stretched, wiping away the sweat drizzling down my neck with the back of my gloved hand, I looked off into the nearby woods.

The sun was breaking through a small band of trees and shimmering on something in the woods. A concentrated frown formed on my brow as I continued to take in and process exactly what I was seeing. First, I saw a small clearing with a very tall rock shape in the middle, then pulling my gaze back a little and taking in the wholeness, I read the sign at the edge of the clearing: LABYRINTH.

Ooooo! It didn’t take me long to pull off my garden gloves and drop them near the pile of tools, scampering off as I called out to my new gardening friend and pointing to the clearing, I asked, “Taking a short break, is that a labyrinth, and may I walk it?” Permission was granted and I hurried off to check out my morning find, congratulating myself on this awesome discovery. I’d often heard stories about the spiritual power of labyrinths and as I approached all my senses were on full alert to whatever experience was about to happen.

The first thing I became aware of as I moved onto the mulch path, was a sense of serenity. I just let my mind wander as I stepped slowly along the rock lined pathway. Then, from no where, I had a sudden panic feeling of not being able to get to the center. Startled for a moment, I recognized the thought as part of my self-sabotage pattern that needs to be released. My mind was racing from one reason to the next as to why I could…should…would not make it to the center.

As I continued putting one foot in front of the other, my mind begin clearing once more and I was able to focus on the pattern of the labyrinth..each step weaving me closer to the center goal, another turn and I was taken away once more. That is also a familiar pattern in my life…a goal almost in reach…and then not completed for some reason usually within my own doing. With sudden clarity, an “AH-HA” went off in my mind, I realized every goal is within reach…as long as you continue moving forward along the path.

Rounding the last turn, I reach out, leaning into and hugging the center stone, I could not contain the tears brimming my eyes and as my tears washed the stone I wondered of the many tears that had melted into it. Breathing slowly…soaking in the serenity for just a few moments longer, my break from gardening over …I turned to walk out, a smile shining on my face, as I intuitively trusted and knew …this was only the beginning of my coming to this special place.

Tina talking…